A swedish local paper, Smålandsposten, visited me in our swedish cottage to take photos and make an interview in 2016.
It was brought the 28. july 2016, but can only be read, on the papers homepage, if you have a digital subscription:

A bit about me

I am a woman - half Danish, half Egyptian - living in Copenhagen, and the happy owner of a cottage in a magical Swedish wood by a small lake.

With a very interesting but busy full time job as a legal consultant, I find peace and pleasure in creating stuff from found objects in my spare time.

Nature and the wonders it holds, have always fascinated me intensely. Most of my life been collecting things such as twigs, seashells, stone, seedpods etc.

Around 2013 I started creating items by assembling some of these collected things.

At the very beginning, I used it for a variety of things, e.g. lamps, bathroom tiles, wall hangings and a few sculptures. For the past few years, I have primarily been into creating sculptures.

I find it forever thrilling to call forth the wondrous creatures that slumbers unseen in a piece of wood.

I learn a lot about different techniques in the process, and lately I have started carving and painting a little. Sometimes I try my hand at other handicrafts for a little while, like painting dried leaves or creating driftwood houses.

Since it is just a hobby that I have a limited amount of time for, I rarely sell any. The uniqueness of every sculpture is another reason. Most of them live with me for years, before I can find it in my heart to let them leave home in order to make room for newcomers. I don’t create to sell - I create for the joy of it.

Once a year I exhibit some of my creations in Sweden in a four-day long art & culture event – Konst- och Kulturrundan i Spjutaretorpbygden. It is always in Kristi Himmelfarts-ferien (Ascension day). Read about it here: www.spjutaretorp.com

For other past and future exhibits, see the menu point “Exhibits”.

I have a profile on Instagram - @evatorsart - that I update more frequently than this page. Enjoy!

Eva Tor (aka Eva Hansen)

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My biggest inspirator is both a poet, humorist and artist with a big heart,
Maria Vildhjärta Westerberg